Cherokee goes Grade 7 - August 2015
Family affair - pups wins August 2015
Vegas & Summer win their first ever DINAS Finals - Grade 3
Christmas Trio - Breezer, Minky and Freeway
PJ at Christmas!
Breezer's 3rd in Grand Prix 22" National Finals 2014
Breezer doing the spread - IFCS 2015
IFCS Netherlands 2014
Beautiful Breezer with her toy!
Breezer at IFCS
Puzzle proud of his trophies!
Lotus' running dog-walk
Breezer's 3rd at Nationals 2014
2015 IFCS Team
Breezer's running A-frame
Freeway on the see-saw
Breezer, winner of the Regional USDAA Steeplechase Final
Breezer, winner of the 22" Grand Prix Regional Final
Freeway in action!
Dawn and her kids!
Freeway weaving and looking beautiful!
Breezer in action!
Chelsea winning Crufts Singles
Breezer winning at Crufts
Puzzle speeding on the dog-walk at Crufts!
Chelsea at Crufts winning The Challenge
Breezer winning Crufts Agility Championship
Breezer loves the see-saw!
Breezer competing at the USDAA Nationals in Colorado
My beautiful Minky!
Puzzle is so in love with his toys!
Puzzle and Chelsea winning at Crufts
Minky winning the Gold Medal at the IFCS World Championships
Promise winning Crufts Singles
Tigger winning Novice Cup at Crufts
Chelsea winning Olympia
Puzzle, FCI World Championships France
Puzzle showing off!

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To Run or Not to Run! Contacts Revealed
Praise for 'To Run Or Not To Run' : 
"I'm loving this secret group already! Just got my copy and havnt put it down all day."
"Thank you so much for the book! I am reading it & it is like a revelation. Truly. I really appreciate the effort you put into putting it together."

Dawn Weaver has won World Championship Gold Medals with multiple dogs and has also won Crufts and Olympia on many occasions. She is well known for both her stopped and running contacts.
Shaped Stopped Contacts: A well-understood stopped contact should look similar to a running contact when released early. In this book Dawn shows you how to achieve fast, accurate stopped contacts that can be released a high percentage of the time so the dog runs through them without deteriorating the stopped-contact behaviour. This is achieved by first teaching everything you need away from the contact obstacles which make it easy for handlers who don’t have access to equipment on a regular basis. 
Running Contacts: Dawn’s running contact method was designed to incorporate the dog’s needs as well as achieving reliable and fast contacts. She feels that giving the dog a definite black and white criteria is paramount to her success and keeps the dog happy and relaxed throughout the training process, as well as achieving a deep hit into the contact area. Dawn is the only handler to use a ‘shaped’ behaviour to teach her running contacts and has been training this method since 2001 – Chelsea being her first dog trained in this way. The ‘shaped’ criteria means that this method ensures repetition is kept to a minimum in comparison to other running contact training methods.




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The Agility Freeway

Dawn's new USA Website 'The Agility Freeway' is the hub of everything you need for Stateside Agility! From the latest National and Regional show news, to State-by-State pages of show diaries, resuce dogs, training clubs and's a very exciting place to be! Click here to visit the site and see for yourself! 

FAB Agility

FAB Agility has its own website for absolutely everything to do with FAB Shows & much more! Click here to visit the site!

Where is Dancer?

Dancer went missing three years ago in September 2012 from Weymouth, but we are still looking for her. Please help me find her, I would be so grateful. She must be somewhere, she just needs finding!

£2,000 Reward (plus associated costs if bought unwittingly) for Safe Return or information leading to Safe Return.

Dancer is now nearly 4 years old and will be looking more mature and probably has much longer hair than in this photograph.

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Knowledge Equals Speed!

Learn successful dog agility or improve your skills with a World Championship trainer - handlers at all levels of experience from those just beginning to those already at the top will be inspired.

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After just 12 months of competing, Miss Darcy (owned by Mary Farrell) is one win away from Grade 7 and is seen here diligently doing her homework in preparation for the next compeition!

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